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My name is Michelle, after having my first child, I was laid off from the company I worked for at that time. I started working part time hours at a local nursing home as a Physical Therapist Assistant so we didn't have to put our newborn in daycare. I then found out at the beginning of summer that I was pregnant with baby #2! (Surprise!!) I knew that I needed a change with income abilities and being able to be home as much as possible with both kids.

My goal was to make passive income while spending time with my sons as they grow up.

After doing a considerable amount of research, I determined that what I needed to get into was affiliate marketing. This is really just commissioned sales, where you don't buy any inventory, have no shipping or financial responsibility, no investment in anything other than your training and can earn at any age.

I finally discovered that The 15 Day Challenge, what I was looking for all the time!

On the next page, I'm going to explain exactly how I was able to do this, and how you can get started as well, even as a complete beginner!

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